Twitter Marathon?

After participating in my Social Media and PR class TwitterChat last week, I was completely blown away. Although I am still getting used to optimizing my ability to use Twitter effectively, the constant influx of information during this “class experiment” was surprising, to say the least.

Moreover, I am still on the fence about the ultimate efficiency of TwitterChat.

I see the positive aspects:

-the ability to communicate with a mass

-quick feedback on ideas and questions

-wider participation in chatting versus class discussion


There were some questionable aspects as well:

-repeated ideas

-lagging (trafficking)

-rapid topic changes without deep exploration

-lack of understanding in tone and purpose

I would love to be able to explore the concepts of Twitterchat within my own discourse, but how effective are they?

I like the ability to think before responding, rather than being pushed to vomit out ideas.

However, with an ever-changing world of communication, the American ideals of quick, fast, and easy will definitely be driving the development of MORE Twitterchats and MORE ways to consolidate and simplify communication.


One response to “Twitter Marathon?

  • Pam

    Maybe if we hold out long enough, Twitter will be out and another communication tool will be in — change is never ending. I totally agree with your desire to “think before responding”..rather than vomiting out ideas.

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