Investigating the Facebook Generation: A Case Study on the Nashville Library’s YA Social Media Tactics–Introduction

In trying to decide on a topic for exploration for my Social Media and PR class, I finally landed on an idea that was close to my heart—the YA, or Teen, department of the Nashville Downtown Library.

I spent all of my afternoons in high school walking the short 2 blocks from my antediluvian school building to the library; in a herd of my friends, we spent hours in the study rooms there and even participated in the Teen Library Council (see photo below) that helped plan events and make suggestions for the department.

At the time, between 2005 and 2009, though, we never really utilized social media, although we were all heavily addicted to Facebook.

It’s a strange, nostalgic experience to reflect on high school happenings, especially as a Junior in college; however, the library was a great inspiration that kept me on the right path to success in planning my education and career.

This personal connection inspired me to take a look into the Young Adult social media strategy at the Nashville Downtown Library.

This post functions as an introduction to a five-part exposé and analysis of the Teen Department’s use of social media.

1. First, I’ll explain how YA social media is functioning now.

2.Second, I’ll be relaying an interview with Lisa Schutt, a YA librarian at the Downtown Branch.

3. Shortly following, I’ll present an interview with James McClanahan, the Teen Program Coordinator.

4. Then I will be posting and analyzing the interviews with some core patrons—the teens!

5. Finally, I will be giving my own suggestions for a social media strategy, or at the very least, some concepts to consider.

Stay tuned over this next week for some thought-provoking reading about the next generation’s use of social media and the true function of our precious libraries as a whole!

Do you know the true function of a YA department? What are teens using it for? How are librarians staying connected with them?
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“Investigating the Facebook Generation: A Case Study on the Nashville Library’s YA Social Media Tactics.”


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