Salutations, friends!

I’m Hannah Baggott, and I’m currently studying English Literature and Public Relations at Belmont University in Nashville. I have a great passion for words; books are beautiful.

I hope to eventually work with my community, inspiring literacy and academic exploration. One might view me as an “aspiring librarian,” but I feel that the label doesn’t do my lofty dreams justice.

I read and write constantly, semi-professionally and personally, but I also love to organize, plan, and… critique.

My inner-monologue is often critical of the world around me, but I consider myself an optimist (with a sprinkle of cynicism).

If there could be a such thing as a Christian Existentialist/Marxist Theorist , I would be one.

My suggestion? Read a book. Read an article. Read a post. Read something, and think about it, critically and personally. Grow. Then… write about it. Jot some notes down. Write an essay. Write a comment. Write something.

Be smarter.

Then, do something.


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