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Hootsuite: Exemplary PR

As you may have read previously, I did a little post on Hootsuite a few weeks ago; just for my analysis, I was promised a #hootkit from the company!

I received a piece of mail yesterday from Canada, which was incredibly exciting in itself; the envelope was stamped with the Hootsuite owl emblems, creating a whimsy of delight for me.

Inside I found stickers, a temporary tattoo, a button, and a thank-you note.

I am extremely impressed with Hootsuite’s positive response!

Even though one may question the purpose of these simple little items, it gives the company major brownie points, or Klout, per say.

The company monitors through @Hootwatch on Twitter; if Hootsuite is using its own program in order to monitor feedback on the company, then I’d have to make the assumption that success is eminent for the dashboard!

Hootsuite is definitely on the right track in the Public Relations department; through monitoring feedback, they perpetuate relationships with their costumers.

Kudos, Hootsuite!