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The Progression of Passion: “Liberating Voices” Response

At Belmont University’s Humanities Symposium “Liberating Voices,” I got the oppurtunity to assist with and attend the Maya Angelou event last night. As a department, we’ve talked about the concept of liberating voices as a whole. Abstract ideas have been thrown around and greater concepts explored; I could talk all day long about race, religion, and gender being liberated though literature and poetry. However, as a middle-class white woman, I rarely just want to explore concepts of feminism (which is apparently the only thing I’m allowed to write about in this society because I am considered far too privileged, an idea that I will rant about another day.)  Honestly, feminism has been done. I am woman; hear me roar. It’s boring. Here’s a little something I wrote in a different light.

The Progression of Passion (The Value in Multiple Sclerosis)