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“The Student Worker” Week 1

To kick off a new semester, although I realize that it’s February and I’m incredibly behind, I thought I’d post up some things about my student job in the Humanities department. This is truly preparing me for a job as a minumum wage secretary when I graduate; at least I know that I’ll have the skills.

Furthermore, I don’t know what’s so bad about being a secretary; I find it quite amusing. It’s sad that the general public “looks down” on those that take this sort of job. I feel like I’m doing internal public relations for the English Department.

 To begin my Thursday afternoon, a three hour shift, I finished a newsletter that I had due later that day; that took me less than 20 minutes($2.42.)

Then I looked around the office, trying to make myself useful.

I then discovered that the paperclip holder was, unfortunately, empty.

For the next 30 minutes ($3.62), I meticulously shoved both “jumbo-smooth” paperclips and “small-smooth” paperclips into the magnetic top of the paper clip holder because someone had taped the top shut.




The next 30 minutes ($3.62) of my shift I spent making a sign for the writing center drop box.

Many of those over the age of 45 didn’t get it. However, it did make students at least notice the drop box. (How this corny phrasing has affected the influx of completed surveys I’ve yet to find out.)

After making 20 copies of a poem on spring garden green paper, I talked to a favorite proffessor for an hour ($7.25) about poetry and mortgages.

I then spent the remainder of my time on making the new dry-earase calendar for March. March, yes, I did say March. For a college student, it’s impossible to conceptualize March; gasps and groans flowed freely from passers-by when considering all of the pages that much be read and written before then.

After removing the old calendar from the board, I flipped it over to find the yearly calendar for 2003.

 It’s more difficult to conceptualize 2003 than March ($0.00).

 That was my 3 hour shift. Regardless of all the silly tasks I perform for the department, I like to think of this situation from my shift today.

 I went to deliver something to the floor below and ended up getting stuck talking to fellow English Majors in the hallway for 10 minutes ($1.20).

When I apologized to my boss for taking so long, she said, “It’s alright. There’s not much happening here. It’s like PR for the department if you’re out there.”