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Mixing Discourses: A PR Sestina

In my Introduction to Public Relations class, we had the opportunity to perform a creative project for a little extra credit. I’m always looking for ways to combine my two fields of study. So what did I do? I used a complex poetic structure called a sestina to tell a public relations story!



Corporate Department Spends Work Day Giving Back: A Sestina

Written by Hannah Baggott



The publicity

would be glorious, but she never

thought twice about the

coverage, the money. She tried to remember: “Do

it for

the right reason. Do it.



Do it

for the common good, the human condition, not the publicity.”

On her desk sat the forms for

the company volunteer day. She had never

thought to do

this on her own, but she saw their competitors quickly jumping on the bandwagon; the



date was set and the

t-shirts made up. It

had been researched and planned. Now it was time to do.

She notified the press, as her boss instructed. Publicity,

was, of course, necessary, and she never

expected this to be…enjoyable. Finally, it was time for



them to leave their screens behind for

something different, something good. The

cameras flashed; they never

expected it

to be enjoyable; it was just for publicity.

Without realizing the effect of what they were about to do,



they walked through unfamiliar doors to see a few dozen pairs of hopeful eyes. What could they do?

No one can deny a lonely puppy. The suited men and women smiled for

miles, and they forgot all about the publicity.

Shedding their jackets, forty hands fluffed the

warm fur of those grateful little things, and it

never occurred to the human eyes to glance at the clock…never.











Publicity is never

as important as the good one can do

for the community. Embrace it.


The Progression of Passion: “Liberating Voices” Response

At Belmont University’s Humanities Symposium “Liberating Voices,” I got the oppurtunity to assist with and attend the Maya Angelou event last night. As a department, we’ve talked about the concept of liberating voices as a whole. Abstract ideas have been thrown around and greater concepts explored; I could talk all day long about race, religion, and gender being liberated though literature and poetry. However, as a middle-class white woman, I rarely just want to explore concepts of feminism (which is apparently the only thing I’m allowed to write about in this society because I am considered far too privileged, an idea that I will rant about another day.)  Honestly, feminism has been done. I am woman; hear me roar. It’s boring. Here’s a little something I wrote in a different light.

The Progression of Passion (The Value in Multiple Sclerosis)