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Hootsuite: A Blooming Social Media Dashboard [And Beyond!]

With new social media developing everyday, a PR professional may feel overwhelmed in keeping up with not only their personal profiles, but more importantly, the profiles of their organization(s). So, what do you do? Read about the growing tool, Hootsuite, or view this convenient Prezi!

Hootsuite is an online social media dashboard that allows for monitoring multiple social media sites with team collaboration capabilities; it’s the perfect tool for a PR team (or individual.)

Launched in December 2008 by Invoke Media, it is easy to see why Hootsuite has grown to over 2 million users in less than 3 years.

The free monitoring option allows the user to track up to 5 social media profiles, while the Pro option allows for much more, including the Team Collaboration capabilities, allowing “Assignment” delegation.

Hootsuite also allows the user to create custom analytics, including automated reports.

The user can monitor mentions and integrate what the wish through RSS feeds.

Hootsuite highlights its customization; its owl.ly links allow for monitoring clicks.

Scheduled message capabilities and mobile applications allow a PR professional to be constantly active and connected.

Hootsuite is in constant competition with other social media dashboards, such as Tweetdeck and Seesmic, and it updates and highlights specific capabilities in order to prove its relative advantage. Using Hootsuite for PR teams definitely promotes its relative advantage.

With a blossoming need for social media management, Hootsuite is incredibly compatible with business, PR, and social needs. It creates an efficient way to manage existing technology.

The complexity of Hootsuite does not hinder its use; since it is simply consolidation of existing social media, the “tabbed” set up is easy to use and modify. Hootsuite, Inc., branched off of Invoke Media in 2010, offers an online course called Hootsuite University that teaches all the intricacies of the program for a small fee.

Since the basic dashboard is free, anyone can try Hootsuite as long as they have an email address.

Hootsuite is a social media tool, a dashboard, so users don’t connect with each other ON the site itself, but rather, they use the site to more effectively communicate and connect through existing social media. Hootsuite encourages its users to mentionthem on their sites in order to help with promotion and observability.

Big names such as The Onion, The Los Angeles Times, FOX, BET, MARTHA STEWART, The White House, and many others have already adopted Hootsuite as their dashboard!

This tool is incredibly useful to PR professionals, students, and really anyone that is trying to improve their online presence!