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Initial Vision Musing

At Belmont University, swirling in a sea of Music Business and Nursing Majors, I stand tall with my microcosm of English Majors, feeling a little uncomfortable and a bit too pretentious. However, the incredible quality of great minds constantly pelts me with names of authors and books, quotes flowing from lips that never tire.

There is no difference between literature and life; words are the human experience.

My initial vision for this site is to share and explore both the concepts brought about in literature, society, and simple, seemingly boring lives. It’s all there—already written down.

This is why literacy is crucial. For any sort of understanding of your place in life, you must read. Then, rather than keeping your thoughts to yourself, write it out.

When that’s not enough and you grow bored with keeping your thoughts to yourself, share them.

And what better way to share them than to get plugged in to volunteering or discussion groups?

Through this site, I hope to promote thought, connection, and literacy.

(Here’s where my Public Relations Minor enters the picture…)

Read; Write. Become Aware of the Human Condition.