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Twitter Marathon?

After participating in my Social Media and PR class TwitterChat last week, I was completely blown away. Although I am still getting used to optimizing my ability to use Twitter effectively, the constant influx of information during this “class experiment” was surprising, to say the least.

Moreover, I am still on the fence about the ultimate efficiency of TwitterChat.

I see the positive aspects:

-the ability to communicate with a mass

-quick feedback on ideas and questions

-wider participation in chatting versus class discussion


There were some questionable aspects as well:

-repeated ideas

-lagging (trafficking)

-rapid topic changes without deep exploration

-lack of understanding in tone and purpose

I would love to be able to explore the concepts of Twitterchat within my own discourse, but how effective are they?

I like the ability to think before responding, rather than being pushed to vomit out ideas.

However, with an ever-changing world of communication, the American ideals of quick, fast, and easy will definitely be driving the development of MORE Twitterchats and MORE ways to consolidate and simplify communication.