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Finding A Voice


The world of social media can be extremely complicated and overwhelming; there are too many tools to try and topics to explore.


What makes using social media worthwhile, though, is first finding your voice, but then building and maintaining it.


PR people: sound familiar?


Finding a voice, a focus, online is an important step, but once it’s found, what do you do with it?


Keep working at it! Build it! Maintain it! Change things up if you need to! Improve!


I know that after my Social Media class ends, I will still be trying to keep up this blog, but I know that I’ll be making changes by working on my voice.


Sometimes experimenting with new topics is incredibly motivating, especially when responses are strong! However, other times, words may remain stagnant, unseen in this giant vortex that we call the Internet.


The only things that any writer can do are to keep writing and developing, but also spreading the word that their thoughts are out there!


Find a voice. Build that voice. Maintain it.